Saturday, April 26, 2014

Great News....S.P.S New place

Well this is great news....S.P.S finally has there own little piece of land.  Yea, so i can add MORE items and that also mean More Hunts, More gachas, More Lucky boards and even a MMBoard.
Sweet, so come on over to S.P.S and hangout abit.  

Also on the MM board I have this Dress called the Willow Button Dress showing, so come over and slap it.

GRuMbLe's NEW items up for GrAbS

Grumbles NEW item in the 60L sssssecret sale. Set of 4 Drama Tops

Also Grumble has some new items in their GACHA Machines......can I say WHOA
ALL @ Grumble

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Grumble @ the 1OO Block

The 100 Block is a full sim party, filled with amazing designers as well as music and art.  This is not a charity event, simply a celebration of fashion, music and photography within Second Life.  
And guess what.....Grumble is in on it......
Here are some of what Grumble is going to have:

So check it out.... starting today 4-9-2014


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Grumble's Irish gacha

Luck of The Irish is a SIM WIDE Gacha Fair hosted by Depraved Nation.
Held on the Metropolis sim, this sim wide event will house gachas from over 100 of SL’s favorite brands.

And sooo here Grumble is participating in this awesome Irish Gacha, and I Love Irish.  Because I am irish, hehe. 
Here are some of what Grumble is selling there

Gacha-fanatics should expect a wide range of items from this Gacha Fair.
There were no limitations to a designers creativity here!
Prepare for lag and be respectful of store owners and other gacha fans by
lowering your scripts and detaching unnecessary items prior to visiting the sim.
There will be a script monitor in place to assist with this and it WILL return you home if you’re over the limits.
The standard opening script limits are 3 MB or 50 Scripts.
Deleting scripts from clothing, shoes, jewelry and hair will help tremendously,
or simply remove the items all together!
You may also try a full body shopping alpha that will make you’re entire avatar invisible,
so you won’t have to worry about going bald or boobless!

Luck Of the Irish event is located in Second Life. Irish Gacha

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NEW cool items for the current events

Hey all Spooky fans a have some NEW items out today here at S.P.S and they, as always super cute

First one is the Mardi Gras Skirt set that comes in five sizes ( L, M , S, XS, and XXS)
Next one is a Shamrock Bodice and it  comes in (XL, L, M, S, XS)
Both are at a great low price. The skirt set is 200L and the bodice is 100.
And as always they are all mesh with the finest materials.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

OOOoooh...secret Grumble SaLe

As always the fabulous Allie has gone and done it again.  Some SWEET Tops fatpack.  OOOoh, and these are ONLY for the secret sale this weekend.  So hurry and go get them......heeeheeeheee


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WoW....Allie turns 7

This week Allie from Grumble is celebrating her 7th rez-day. And due to that date, she is giving her VIP group 7 days of custom gifts. These will only be available via the VIP group and not for sale on the sim.  To be able to get the gifts, you only have to join the VIP group which does cost $25L. 

Soooo  Become a VIP & GET IN ON THE GIFTS! ♥